Zero Popped Corns

I Just Watched This Movie; “Nightcrawler”

Crew. A film is an enormous collaboration between many people. The tighter knit the group, the more effective the team, the better the production. A good crew should be like family to each other. The film “Nightcrawler” definitely benefitted from the intense planning and coordination that went into making the crew. It all began when Frank D. Gilroy, a screenwriter from 1950-1990, decided that he wanted to make a movie called “Nightcrawler.” He had no story, just a title, and decided that the first thing to do would be to find a producer. He understood the importance of a good crew, so he decided to have a son who would be his producer. Next, he needed a director and writer. Same as before, he had another son, however this time, he got more than he expected… Twins! One a director-writer, and the other, an editor. Next, they needed a leading lady. Frank left this to his son Dan, who married actress Rene Russo. They also needed a small role to be filled, and Dan’s twin John took care of that by having a photogenic daughter. Their plan was completed with the theatrical release of “Nightcrawler.”

Character. When you see the protagonist on-screen, it should be like looking in a mirror. Who goes to the movies to see a film about someone with interesting views and behavior that ultimately culminates in an exciting confrontation with society? I certainly don’t. I want to feel like I’m the main character. So if he does or says something that I wouldn’t do myself, I’m put off. In the case of Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, I assume that only a peculiar person that has a strange infatuation with objectivity, objectivity that may drive him over the lines of morality, would related to the character and thus enjoy the film.

Theme. Between the lines of the script there is the theme. In screenplay format, this is done with white ink (look at a script and you’ll notice the formatting). The message of the film says something about life, society, relationships, or superpowers. Few films have a message that could be used in the business world. However, like Scorsese’s documentaries’ on how to be successful in business, (“Goodfellas”,”Casino””,The Wolf of Wall Street”), “Nightcrawler” presents a very informative guide to how to build a company and compete in an open market. The main character often goes into long monologues about how to make sales and expand a company. The film itself presents this idea in a very real setting, and therefore is an accurate resource to anyone looking to start their own business and are willing to sacrifice normal human behavior and relationships.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire well paced film. Gyllenhaal’s creepy performance drove the story 80 mph while I sat in the passenger seat terrified of what he might do next. I give it zero popped corns!

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